Best Chips | AHDB Potatoes is committed to providing you, the frier, with good potato advice to ensure you achieve great results.
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The secret to a successful business depends entirely upon the offering of the product or service it promotes. This is more often than not achieved by following best practices.

Here at AHDB Potatoes we are committed to providing best practice potato advice, from ensuring you adopt best quality control in the shop, through to choosing the best variety to achieve the best chips. We want to help you serve the best quality chips and make sure your customers keep coming back for more. Our ‘Best Chips’ website plays host to some valuable potato information and advice – from potato storage and handling, through to tips on how to best promote your business maximise sales. The site will be updated on a regular basis with relevant potato and chip news, include the results from Seafish’s Nutritional Analysis and Consumer Preferences Survey, so do watch this space….

Good Potato Management

Here you will find advice on sourcing, storing and handling potatoes for optimum results...

Chip Tips

Here you will find a host of ‘Chip Tips’, to help you produce better, healthier chips,

Promoting your business

Here you will find advice on how best to build your shop’s profile